Futar® D Slow


Futar® D Slow is a addition-curing bite registration material based on vinyl polysiloxane with an extremely high final hardness (Shore-D 43) and extra long working time, particularly suited to time-consuming bite registrations (e.g. myocentric bite registration) and application in the dental office and laboratory, when an extremely hard A-silicone is required.

Not available in all markets.

Product advantages

  • Extremely high final hardness of Shore-D 43
  • Low elasticity
  • Extra long working time of 90 seconds
  • High thixotropy
  • Individual application

Benefits for the dentist

  • Can be trimmed with rotary instruments; the correct bite relationship can be checked intraorally, as excess segments can be broken off.
  • No elastic rebound when articulating the two models.
  • Ideal for applications that require time in the dental office and laboratory.
  • Does not flow into in the interdental spaces, easy removal from the mouth.
  • Can be used for many indications in the dental office and laboratory (for customized margin definition, as a syringeable fixation material for impressions in implantology, as a separating agent for investing acrylic and porcelain teeth etc.).

Product benefits

  • Extremely hard A-silicone: Shore D hardness 43
  • Minimal elasticity
  • Particularly convenient processing time of 90 seconds
  • Ideal for myocentric bite registration, fixation of cast supports or individual rim design
  • Manifold uses in the laboratory as well: as insulating material or for the fabrication of model segments

Benefits for the dentist

  • Control over the correct occlusal position while in the mouth because the surplus can be conveniently broken off
  • No bouncing when the two models are pressed against each other
  • User-friendly: particularly suited to time-consuming bite registrations in the dental practice and the laboratory
  • Does not flow into in the interdental regions, easy removal from the mouth
  • Individual application, e.g. as a sprayable fixation medium for impressions in implantology, for individual rim design, as insulating material for embedding plastic and porcelain teeth etc.
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