VISALYS® 6 for cosmetically indicated tooth whitening

VISALYS® 6 is a one-component tooth-whitening system based on hydrogen peroxide for whitening vital and non-vital teeth. Lasting, good results are attained if the teeth are whitened using a custom-fabricated vacuum-formed tray. A whitening tray is particularly suitable for whitening the entire dental arch and for patients with high compliance.

Not available in all markets.

Product advantages

  • Composition based on hydrogen peroxide with potassium nitrate, sodium fluoridend calcium.
  • High gel stability
  • Short application schedule of only 1 x 90 minutes per day
  • No reservoir required in the tray
  • Store at room temperature

Benefits for the dentist

  • Minimal dehydration of the teeth, conservative, gentle effect on the teeth.
  • Easy system handling, long shelf life of the gel, material-saving.
  • Gel does not drip on areas not requiring whitening.
  • Patient-friendly
  • Saves time and costs when fabricating the tray.
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