VISALYS® 30 Chairside for medaically indicated tooth whitening

VISALYS® 30 Chairside is a two-component tooth-whitening system based on hydrogen peroxide for whitening vital and non-vital teeth. 30% hydrogen peroxide in the mixture. VISALYS® 30 provides the ideal solution for patients who want minimally invasive procedure. Single teeth as well as entire dentitions can be effectively whitened in one session in the dental office with the aid of VISALYS® Gingiva Protection (liquid rubber dam) - provided it is applied correctly.

Not available in all markets.

Product advantages

  • Dual chamber syringe system
  • Composition based on hydrogen peroxide in an aqueous solution, pH-neutral
  • High gel stability
  • Flexible gingiva protection
  • Highly effective without light

Benefits for the dentist

  • Easy system handling, long shelf life of the gel, material-saving.
  • Minimal dehydration of the teeth, conservative, gentle effect on the teeth.
  • Gel does not drip on areas not requiring whitening.
  • Easily removed from the gingiva.
  • No additional investment required.
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