Mucopren® Soft

Mucopren® Soft is a permanently soft reline material based on vinyl polysiloxane for direct and indirect application, that lives up to its promise: easy to trim and guarantees a durable bond to the denture base. It is best suited to direct and indirect lining.

Not available in all markets.

Product advantages

  • The patented Mucopren® adhesive guarantees excellent bonding to acrylic dentures,prevents loosening from the denture and gap formation between the denture acrylic and silicone liner.
  • The smooth hydrophobic silicone surface prevents inflammation of the denture-bearing area and guarantees hygienic denture conditions and a along-term period in situ.
  • Permanent elasticity ensures high intraoral comfort and relieves critical areas of the oral mucosa.

Benefits for the dentist

  • Mucopren® silicone sealer in the cartridge produces an excellent bond with the silicone liner, ensures easy handling and creates a smooth, shiny surface at the silicone/acrylic interface.
  • The excellent mechanical properties of the silicone liner (e.g. tear resistance, elongation) ensure easy handling with a high loading capacity.
  • Impressive features include a short curing time and adequate total working time.
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