Panasil® lab Putty

Kneadable, addition-curing overcast material with high final hardness based on vinyl polysiloxane.
When the laboratory procedure has to be completed quickly and without complication: Panasil® lab Putty possesses the ideal characteristics for use as an overcast and bite index material due to its high hardness. Other laboratory procedures can also be easily completed, e.g. fabricating models for repairing fractures and cracks.
The material can be cleanly and easily dispensed and combines well with paste hardeners during kneading. Panasil® lab Putty is dimensionally stable because it is an A-silicone.

Not available in all markets.

Product advantages

  • Clean, easy dispensing
  • Non-sticky, smooth kneading
  • Very short setting time, 6 minutes at 23°C
  • High final hardness (Shore-A 85): the teeth are accurately retained in the overcast
  • Easily cut
  • Linear dimensional change ≤ – 0.1 %, very crisp details



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