Panasil® tray Soft Heavy Fast


Panasil® tray Soft Heavy Fast is a high viscosity, addition-curing elastomeric precision impression material based on vinyl polysiloxane with quick setting characteristics, ideal for the double mix impression technique (in combination with Panasil® initial contact Light Fast and Panasil® contact two in one Light).

Panasil® tray Soft Heavy Fast has the consistency of a "Heavy body" with low final hardness and high positional stability combined with quick setting characteristics.

Available in a 1:1 cartridge (50 ml) for easy handling in the manual dispensing gun.

Not available in all markets.

Product advantages

  • Fast setting
  • Reduced final hardness
  • High positional stability
  • Good elastic properties

Benefits for the dentist

  • Efficient impression-taking thanks to a quick total working time of 1 min. and a short intraoral setting time of 2 min. in the double mix impression technique.
  • Quick pressure build-up.
  • Easy removal from the patient`s mouth.
  • In the well-known 1:1 cartridge system (50 ml).
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