Panasil® Putty


Panasil® Putty is a kneadable addition-curing, elastomeric precision impression material based on vinyl polysiloxane.

Panasil® Putty is a modern classic. The highly efficient impression material guarantees maximum precision and optimal convenience thanks to an intraoral setting time of only 2 minutes. Panasil® Putty is ideal for use in the two-step impression technique in combination with Panasil® initial contact X-Light.

Not available in all markets.

Product advantages

  • Short intraoral setting time of only 2 minutes
  • Good elastic properties
  • Non-sticky
  • Pliable consistency

Benefits for the dentist

  • Efficient impression-taking, patient-friendly.
  • Easy removal from the patient`s mouth.
  • Easy handling.
  • Good control of the wash material; easy to knead.
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