Modern A-silicone-based impression materials made by Kettenbach stand out for their remarkable elastic properties. They have a high tensile strength and can be stored for several weeks. These addition-curing products are therefore ideal for use as precision impression material. We offer the best impression material for each impression technique and for your special requirements. Simply intelligent.

Panasil® monophase

Panasil® monophase, the A-silicone for uncompromisingly accurate impressions, is a medium viscosity impression material for the monophase impression technique. With its initial hydrophilicity, high final hardness, and optimal elasticity, it is particularly suited to fixation impression for combined prosthetic work and in implantology.

Panasil® monophase

Tray materials - Panasil®

The Panasil® family encompasses A-silicone-based precision impression materials in various viscosities for all impression techniques and demands. It boasts over 25 years of continuously successful product experience thanks to constant further development and adaptation to current conditions, as well as being highly modern and innovative. Simply intelligent.

Whether classic for the two-step impression technique (corrective impression) or for application in the double mix technique, the tray materials in the Panasil® family always offer optimal pressure build-up and the utmost precision. Please note the corresponding appropriate low viscosity impression material.

Panasil® Putty

Panasil® binetics

Panasil® tray Fast

Panasil® tray Soft

Panasil® tray Soft Heavy Fast

Secondary materials - Panasil® initial contact

The low viscosity or extra low viscosity impression materials in the Panasil® family are ideally coordinated to the Panasil® tray materials and offer precise results in the two-step impression technique (corrective impression) or for application in the double mix technique.

Panasil® initial contact Light

Panasil® initial contact X-Light

Panasil® initial contact Regular