Futar® Cut & Trim Fast


The new Futar® Cut & Trim Fast is a particularly fast setting, addition-curing bite registration material based on vinyl polysiloxane with an extra high final hardness (Shore D 35). Futar® Cut & Trim Fast ensures even greater efficiency: saves money thanks to the use of the short yellow mixer; even more efficient thanks to the rapid setting and more flexible thanks to its ability to be finished with a milling machine or cut with a scalpel.

Not available in all markets.

Product benefits

  • Extra hard (Shore D 35) with exceptional flexural strength.
  • Extra quick working time of 15 seconds, extra short intraoral setting time of 45 seconds.
  • High thixotropy and flowability, no bite resistance.
  • Can be scanned, making it also suitable for the CAD/CAM process (powder-free of course!).
  • Exceptionally easy to finish with scalpel or milling machine.
  • Applied with the shorter, thinner yellow mixer.

Benefits for the dentist

  • No elastic rebound when placing the model.
  • Minimal time required, reduced risk of distortion during intraoral setting; more comfortable for the patient.
  • Does not flow into the interdental spaces, easy removal from the mouth, maximum precision.
  • Optimal image reproduction with conventional CAD/CAM systems.
  • Flexible and efficient finishing optimizes workflows.
  • Saves money: Up to two registrations more from one cartridge thanks to less material being discarded.
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